China - Nigeria Agricultural Technology Training Center, Shandong Was Inaugurated

Date:September 6, 2018    Publisher:

    On September 5, afterparticipation in the China - Africa Cooperation Forum in Beijing,Adamu Nasir Muazu - Director Planning and Policy Coordination FMARD, Abubakar Abdullahi Garba - Deputy Director Mechanization FMARD,Shehu Mohammed - Minister Counsellor/SA/HOM Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to China, Julie - Consultant of Nigerian Government were invited to visit Shandong Vocational Science and Veterinary College, to attend the inauguration ofChina - Nigeria Agricultural Technology Training Center, Shandong.

    The guests visited the school's Animal Hospital, Animal Disease Testing Center, Junlin Equestrian College, Shandong New Century Testing and Certification Center, Medicine and Food Training Hall, and Cross-Strait Youth Innovation Center. The Nigerian guests spoke highly of the college's conditions and faculty, and believed that there were broad areas of cooperation with Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College, hoping to strengthen exchanges and cooperation.

    In order to actively respond to the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative, strengthen the cooperation between China and Africa on education under the framework of Forum on CACF, promote the international running pace of the college, and implement the construction task and goal of provincial high quality vocational colleges,ShandongVocationalAnimalScienceandVeterinaryCollege has fully investigated and contacted with the Nigerian government and reached cooperation finally.

    China - Nigeria Agricultural Technology Training Center, Shandong will form a multi-form and multi-level cooperation mechanism in favor of all parties through project cooperation, personnel exchanges and technical exchanges in accordance with the principle of "equality, mutual benefit and common development". Bothsideswill give full play to the college of technology and talent advantages, actively carry out international students education and agricultural technology training, when necessary, set up a China - Africa Agricultural Technology Training Center in Nigeria, actively serveenterprises going out, supply policy advices, technical services and human support for agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises to invest and set up in Africa, promote African agricultureto develop ingreen, efficient and sustainable way. Through the efforts of both sides, the training center will be developed into an influential and sustainable model of China - Africa education cooperation, realizing the goal of co-construction and common prosperity, and making positive contributions to promoting China- Negeria friendship.

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