President Li Xuetai Attended the Founding Ceremony of Higher Vocational Education International Alliance for Agri-husbandry

Date:September 19, 2018    Publisher:

    On September 15, the Higher Vocational Education International Alliance for Agri-husbandry, which is composed of 139 vocational colleges from 40 countries and regions including China, Canada, the United States, Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, South Africa and Egypt, agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises and research institutions was formally established in Taizhou, Jiangsu province. The alliance has negotiated and passed its organizational structure and membership list, developed its work system and work plan. Our college is the vice-chairman and vice-secretary-general of the alliance. President Li Xuetai was invited to deliver a keynote speech, and deputy secretary Zhang Shaoqiu introduced international cooperation and exchange situation of our college.

    the Higher Vocational Education International Alliance for Agri-husbandry is mainly composed of global agriculture and husbandry higher vocational colleges, in line with the principles of voluntariness, equality, cooperation and development, establish a long-term relations of cooperation between alliance members, give full play to and use the characteristics of alliance members and high quality educational resources, to achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit, mutual promotion and the overall promotion, provide communication platform for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry talents, provide opportunities for the development of colleges and universities. (the office provide the manuscript)

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