Application Guide for the International Students of Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College in 2019

Date:April 19, 2019    Publisher:

I.Admission Majors

Chinese language program, one year of schooling, will enroll 30 students.

Animal husbandry and veterinary science, three years of schooling,will enroll 30 students.

II.Application Requirements

a. Basic requirements: Non-chinese citizens holding foreign passports, having good health, good behavior and no criminal record, having high school graduation diploma or above, aged above 18 and under 25 years, being willing to abide by Chinese laws, having certain economic basis,having basic Chinese or English ability.

b. Performance requirements: our school will combine the applicant's application materials, select excellent students to enroll. Applicants with basic knowledge of Chinese will be preferred.

III. Application Time

Before 30th,July 2019 till enrollment figure is enough.

IV. Application Process

a. The applicant applies. The applicant sends applicant materials to mailbox;

b.The college gives preliminary review.The college will conduct a preliminary review after receiving the application materials and give feedback, video interviews will be organized when it is necessary.Those who pass the preliminary examination will be sent the "pre-admission notice" email.

c. Post the admission letters and admission materials. The college posts the admission letters together with the JW202 forms of paper version to applicants admitted; Applicants admitted arrange visa formalities on the basis of the above materials; Applicants should register at the college at the scheduled time of admission letter. Applicants who register later than scheduled time without reasonable causes will be canceled admission rights.

d. Register at the college. The applicants admitted should register at the college at the scheduled time of admission letter with admission letter. foreigner physical examination form. JW202 form.the graduation certificate and results report of highest education background. no criminal certificate.

V. Application Materials Offered by Applicants

Applicants should provide scanned copy of below materials.

a.Application form of Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College for international students.

b.Foreigner physical examination form. (please bring the original copy to the school for reference).The applicant shall be examined strictly accordance with the items required in the foreigner physical examination form.The form with missing items, no photo of oneself or no a sewn seal on the photo, no signature and stamp of doctors and hospital shall be deemed invalid.As the valid period of the physical examination form is 6 months, please decide the time of the physical examination according to this.

c.Scanning copy of the graduation certificate of highest education.Notarized translation in English or Chinese is required. Final year students should submit proof of pre-graduation.

d.School Results report. Transcripts of highest education courses. Notarized translation in English or Chinese is required.

e.Brief Introdiction. Applicants should write personal introduction. Study experience. Purpose of learning in China. Future plan with no less than 800 words in English or Chinese.

f. No criminal certificate.

g. Photo page pf valid passport .

h. Bank statement of parents for the latest one year.

Incomplete application materials will not be accepted;Those who falsify application materials will be disqualified.

VI. Fees (RMB)

1. Tuition: 8,000 yuan/year

2. Accommodation fee: 3,600 yuan/year/person for a double room.The room has central heating, air conditioning, closet, tables and chairs and necessary bedding, etc., each floor has a public kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, etc.

Single room, 6000 yuan/year/person. The room has independent bathroom, heating, air conditioning, closet, tables and chairs and necessary bedding, etc., each floor has a public kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, etc.

3. Others: physical examination fee, residence permit fee, teaching materials fee, insurance fee, etc. shall be paid according to the actual situation when reporting for duty, and bedding shall be purchased voluntarily.

VII. scholarship

The college sets up the dean's scholarship and comprehensive quality scholarship, which will be issued according to the student's situation and performance in the school.

VIII. Contact Way

Contact person: Miss Wang, Mr Zhang

Tel: +86 536 3086200, 8586200

Fax: +86 536 8580787


Address:Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College

Address: No. 88,East Shengli Street, Weifang, Shandong, China.

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